Cincinnati Credit Score Booster

There are several things that can be done in order to raise a low credit score. Many of those techniques take time, effort and money. The best way to establish a good credit score is to work on it on a daily basis over time. There are a few things that you can do to speed up the process. They are not guaranteed, but it can be nice to see an instant boost over the course of a shorter period of time. Our credit repair team can help guide you in the right direction to get your credit boosted quickly and efficiently so that you can get approved faster and buy the things you want to have in life. Below are some ways that we can help you do just that.

    Experian Boost

    Experian is one of the credit reporting bureaus that keeps track of your credit record. Recently they have come out with their own credit boosting tool to help make receiving credit more accessible to people with low credit scores. The tool helps you to add small recent positive credit accounts to your credit report so that your score can be raised to a higher number. Having a higher credit score is good because it allows you to be able to borrow more in the long run and to continue to build up your credit.


    The first step in using this tool is giving Experian access to your online accounts so it can see your utility payment history and add these accounts to your credit report. You confirm that the information the tool has gathered is correct and then your new score can be generated. If a lender that you are working with does not look at your Experian score, then this tool may not be as effective for you as far as being approved for loans.

    Access to Credit

    This tool is a great way to increase the amount of access to credit that people with low credit scores have. In this way, the economy can also benefit by the fact that consumers are able to spend more money. Over time, more tools will probably be used that work like this one and may even take into account more types of utility payments and accounts.

    Credit Booster Loan

    Another way to build your credit quickly is by opening a credit booster loan. This is a kind of loan called a reverse loan. This means that payments are made into an account regularly over the course of a year and at the end of the year you will receive the funds that were paid into this account. This raises your score by reflecting regular on-time payments over the course of the entire year.